Fencers with experience of all different standards aged 13-19 can join us at the appropriate level for them. For more details look at experienced fencer programme.
Beginners (age 13-15)
The Cadets Club beginners programme is for teens aged 13-15. Beginners aged 16 and over can join the Blades Club beginners programme.
How to start

To get started you can choose between one of the following two options. Your choice depends on your personality. If you are confident and you like to get on with things straight away, then you can start with the eight week practice course straight away and practice with other experienced fencers. If you like things more organised and you want to learn things first then get on and practice them then it is best you start with the one day beginner master course. After completing either course, if you feel you still like to do the second course, you can still do that before you join the club programme. It is definately a good advantage to attend both courses before joining the club whichever order you choose.

Either of the above two courses costs £135, however this year we are subsidising 50% of our beginner courses fees. Therefore all you pay is £65. For both courses all kit will be provided. All you need is trainers, tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt, a jumper and a bottle of water. After completing one or both of those courses you can sign up to the club programm.

Book and pay by phonel: 07779 123 715 (7 days a week)

Beginner Course (Dates)
One Day : Beginner Master Course   Eight Weeks : Practice Course
Day / time Sunday (10am-6pm)   Day / time Friday (6-9 pm)
Fees £65 (full fee £135)   Fees £65 (full fee £135)
Venue International Students House,
229 Great Portland Place W1.
  Venue Seymour Centre, Seymour Place,
London W1 (Marble Arch) Map
Dates 2011 > Sun 13 Feb 2011
> Sun 06 Mar 2011
> Sun 15 May 2011
> Sun 10 Jul 2011
> Sun 25 Sep 2011
> Sun 30 Oct 2011
  Dates 2011 > Fri 01 Apr 2011
> Fri 06 May 2011
> Fri 03 Jun 2011
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Booking and more info:
Call (07779 123 715) to book for courses, or email (
The cadets club is The Fencing Academy's premier club for juniors 13-19
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