About The Club
The Cadets Club
The Club was launched in 2007 with a three phase development plan.
Phase 1
Only two years after launching of the club all cadet programmes were in place and all sessions were in progress. Therefore during by summer 2009, Phase 1 was completed. Fencers joining the Cadets Club have a clear syllabus and a training programme to follow from beginners to the very advanced.
Phase 2
By Summer 2011 the aim has been to develop fencers on the national team. This has already been achieved with Raelle Francis last year ranked 5th in the UK Girls Cadet National Ranking list. This year Hussain Sadiq started the season in 13th position on the UK Boys Cadet National Ranking list, and only one month on from the start of the season he has improved his position to 9th place, earning him a place on the National team. This is still the beginning of the season and there is still more to come. The club has now achieved its goal for Phase 2 in both the Girls & the Boys. Therefore fencers joining the Cadet Club's programme have a clear pathway to national success. The full plan for phase 2 is due to be completed in summer 2011.
Phase 3
Will be launched in 2011/12.
Club Fees
Call for details
Club Timetable
The sessions below are the club's full schedules. Every fencer's personal timetable is dependent on level and the training programme selected.
Venue 1
Seymour Leisure Centre, Seymour Place, London W1H 5TJ.
Friday (6:00-10:00pm)
Venue 2
ISH, 229 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PN.
Monday & Thursday (7:30-10:30pm)
Venue 3
Willesden Sports Centre, Donnington Road, London NW10 3QX.
Tuesday (6:00-8:00pm)
Club Sessions
Friday (6:00-9:00pm, Seymour Centre)
Zorro Session (fun fencing only sessions)
1) Friday (8:00-9:30pm, Seymour Centre)
2) Thursday (8:00-9:30pm, ISH)
Training Member
1) Friday (6:00-10:00pm, Seymour Centre)
2) Monday (7:30-10:30, Great Portland Street, ISH) By approval.
3) Thursday (7:30-10:30, Great Portland Street, ISH) By approval.
4) Tuesday (6:00-8:00pm, Willesden Sports Centre) Squad Session, By invitation only.
The cadets club is The Fencing Academy's premier club for juniors 13-19
Adult club (www.bladesclub.com), Children club (www.musketeersclub.co.uk)