Welcome to the Cadets Club
The Cadets club is the latest addition to the Academy clubs. The Cadets Club is the Academy's premier club for teenage fencers (13-19 years). The Cadets Club was officially launched in March 2007.
Club Aim
The Cadets Club is aimed at two groups:

1) Teen beginners aged 13-15 who will get a good introduction to fencing. They can fence casually for fun or aim to get more serious as they get better.

2) Teen fencers aged 13-19 who already have good fencing experience. They may want to be involved in serious training or aim to be part of the elite. The Cadets Club will give them a serious chance of making the cadet or junior world championships and thereafter aim at senior sucess.

How To Start
First things first. To get started all you have to do is to book onto on one of two types of introductory courses to learn your basics and get to have an idea of what fencing is all about. After that you can decide if you would like to join the club and continue fencing.
Cost £65.
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This is for those who already have fencing experience. To get started you will need to book onto a one day (Refresher) course followed by 1 month club practice. After that you can join the club and continue fencing.
Cost £100
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If you are a fencer with National Ranking in Cadet in the top 25 or in Junior in the top 40 then you will need to book a one month club practice trial on either Friday or Thursday club sessions or both. After that you can discuss your aims with Maestro and decide on what club programme to join.
Cost £120
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Club History
The Cadets Club ran one pilot session during 2006. Sunday 12th November was the pre-launch date where the first club championships took place with the first select group of members. The club's formation General Meeting was on Saturday 2nd of December 2006 at 16:00 at the Academy office. At the Academy Awards evening of 2006 the launch of this new club was announced. The Cadets Club was formally launched in March 2007 with an official ceremony followed by a press conference. Full programmes were in place after Easter 2007. Then the real training began.

The Cadets Club was launched with a three phase development plan. This six year plan will phase in the diffrent programmes of the club. By Summer 2013, all levels of the Cadets Club programme would have been in full operation.

Phase I
This 2 year plan was to establish the beginner programmes, club sessions and teaching syllabus. Dispite losing the Academy HQ, this phase was completed in time in Summer 2009. A very experienced Russian coach was then aquired by the Academy to move to London and head the first part of the cadet programme.

Phase II
This is also a 2 year plan aimed to establish the training camps programms and the National squad level programms. This is still in progress and is expected to be completed as planned in Summer 2011.

One Year Special Beginners Programme
After getting started as beginners some teens might want to do more. Those teens who are keen and would like to progress and improve have the opportunity to join our unique 1 year beginner programme. With a good level of dedication and commitment this 1 year programme (divided into four parts) will bring the students up to the appropriate level which will allow them to join the elite group at the appropriate level.
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The cadets club is The Fencing Academy's premier club for juniors 13-19
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