One Year Beginner Programme

At this age most children who have already started fencing will be of quite a good standard. Teenagers starting from new will feel left behind with a lot to catch up on and measure up to their peers.

This is why we run a special one year fast track programme to bring them up to speed. We also have a sponsorship package to cover their costs for the first year for those who can show determination and commitment.

The programme is divided into four parts. The first part is a one day course. The following three parts are roughly of three months each of regular club training.

Before you can be accepted on this programme you will need to have fenced at the club for three months and shown good attendance and commitment. Therefore, before you apply for this special programme, you will need to book a 4 week beginner course, then join the Cadets Club as a beginner. After three months you can then apply for this speical programme.

Next groups will be accepted early in 2011.


Details from last groups

We are looking for new talent to train for the Olympics!!!

Here are details on the Fencing Academy’s new and unique programme “Make me a Fencer”.

The club is one of the best in the country, so if you are determined, you will have a real chance of making it on the national team. Better still now we are looking for new talent who can make the London Olympics. This is why we will sponsor you to get started on this new programme.

This is a programme for those born in 1991, 1992 & 1993. The programme is sponsored and is free for you. You will learn an exciting new sport and many great new skills.

A Free Taster Session:
(Thu 7th Jun, 6pm,  Brondesbury Hotel, Willesden Lane NW2)
You have no idea what fencing is all about and you don’t know if you like it or not. This is why we are running a free taster session. There will be a demonstration of fencing on electric by members of the squad and you will get to have fun trying it out for yourself. Don’t miss your chance of a free trial.

Join a beginner course:
If you like it then you can join a beginner course. There is one starting on Thursday 14th June for 8 weeks. This course usually costs £100. But you will only have to pay £5 registration and we will sponsor the rest. If you can’t make this one, call and check if you can do another one.

The training programme:
After the beginner course you will find out if fencing is for you and if you are going to be any good at it. If you want to do this and join the elite, you apply to register on the main programme. The programme will run Sep 07 – Apr 08. Usually this will take 3-5 years and cost you over 3K. But if you are good and serious about this, all you pay is £100 and we will sponsor you and pay the rest of your costs.
But first just come and try it out for free on June 7th.

Booking and more info:
Call (07779123715), or email (

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